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Green Business Retreats

Choosing companies that show the highest levels of sustainability, without compromising luxury. Our trips and retreats focus on nature, adventure, and your companies goals.

Travel & Tour Specialist

We are located in Atenas, Costa Rica and we know our country well. We handle all inbound travel including transfers, hotels, tours, & activties.

Business Event Planner

We will help define the goals of the trip and facilitate all your business retreat requirements & requests. Use our online form to start the planning process and your planner will be in contact shortly

Increase Your Productivity

Studies show that company retreats can help build group consensus, increased teamwork, and find productive ways to interact with one another as a group. Our retreats go beyond this providing a unique tailor made adventure.

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As Green As You Want To Be!

Let your next business meeting be a Green Business Retreat! Costa Rica is the backdrop for our Green Business Retreats and there is no better place on Earth to host one of these events. We can help you plan and execute every aspect of your business trip. With our care and attention to the environment you can feel good that you have acted responsibly while not sacrificing luxury or productivity.


a few frequently asked questions

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Costa Rica Business Meeting and Retreat Planning

Green Business Retreats - Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers a unique backdrop for your business retreat. For such a small country we have something for everyone. Mountains, volcanoes, rain forest, cloud forest, wetlands, and over 300 beaches on 2 different coastlines! Known as leaders in the world in sustainable tourism, we do everything we can to give you the greenest business retreat possible.  

What makes it green?

Using companies that have shown the highest levels of sustainability and have the very best records in customer service, this is what we look for. Working in the Costa Rica travel market for years has given us the opportunity to find the very best and most sustainable options for exploring the country. Costa Rica is already known as a leader in sustainable tourism worldwide, there are actually some hotels here that operate with a negative carbon footprint! We bring it all together to your retreat so you can feel good about the minimum impact your retreat has on the environment. 

When to start planning?

Depending on the size of the group, planning should take place as soon as possible. Ideally you should have at least 6 months lead time before the trip. Your planner will help you find the right dates for the best weather so you get the most out of the business retreat!

Types of retreats?

In between conference time, where the goals of the business end of the retreat take place, the idea is to participate in group activities. These can have a focus on nature, adventure, a cultural aspect or volunteer opportunities. There are endless opportunities and your planner will put together a schedule that compliments your business retreat.

Green Business Retreats Services

Meeting Planning

Each business retreat is different and the requirements change depending on the goals of the trip. Conference space, multi media requirements, food & beverage, there are many technical aspects to a successful retreat that need to be addressed. We will help with every step of the process to ensure a successful business retreat in Costa Rica.


Choosing the right hotel for your business retreat is the first challenge. Depending on the groups needs and objectives we will choose the right retreat getaway for you. Choosing hotels that have the highest levels of sustainability helps to put the GREEN in green business meetings! Several options are available throughout our country.

Tours & Activities

Tours and group activities are a big part of what we do. Doing a tour such as white water rafting as a group requires team work, working together as a single unit in this way helps to improve communication and strengthens the entire unit. This is just one example, many tours and activities are available depending on your interests and each trip is tailor made to your group.


The minute you land in Costa Rica we take over. This starts with the transfers from place to place and any internal flights that might be needed while you are in country. Our drivers are hand picked and we use the most sustainable options available.

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